Sunday, July 25, 2010

I think I had blogger's block, but I'm back with an update


It's been quite some time since I've written a new post. So here goes nothing.
The past four months have been quite busy around these parts. I have transitioned to a new team of doctors, except for a GI guy. Still need to set up that appointment. I had quite a few tests and doctors visits during this transition period, so I put that off for a bit.

As a result of all that poking and prodding, we have learned that my pulmonary pressures have decreased, and that my condition is stable right now. So something is working - meds, exercise, oxygen use, attitude - doctors can't say for sure - probably a combo of everything.

We've also learned that I'm "too healthy" to be considered for a lung transplant at this time, and that my acid reflux is not really as bad as it feels! I'm also a bit anemic so iron supplements have been added to my daily meds, and I have very little to no motility in my esophagus (cue the GI doc) so there are still some unresolved issues. But all and all I feel pretty good.

On the home front, I have enjoyed summer break with the kids. They have kept me busy as their personal chauffeur driving them to their various activities like gymnastics, soccer camp, and swimming lessons. We've been sleeping late, eating ice cream, going to the library, etc., etc. - typical summer stuff.

Ah, summer my favorite season! Love it!

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  1. Hi Suzanne! Glad you are having some good results with your new doctors. It's certainly not easy to change and develop new relationships, but I'm glad you are getting updated information and I hope that you continue to feel well!
    I have absent esophageal peristalsis, as well. Hope you find an answer, and be sure to share if you do! :)
    Love, Holly (