Friday, February 26, 2010

Contest Crazy

For some reason, I have been entering contests lately.
Contests for cash. Contests for prizes.

I even bought a Powerball ticket for my husband for Valentine’s Day.
He didn't win.

I am not sure why I’ve been so obsessed with contests in the past few months or so. Maybe it’s the hope or promise of something better coming our way.

Maybe it’s because most contests are just so darn easy to enter – just fill in some information and click.

Maybe it’s because we are on a very, very tight budget and a mound of money would come in quite handy around here.

I think winning it big would be terrific.
But even winning it small would make me smile.

My daughter would love, love, LOVE for me to win a trip to New York in a contest I recently entered. And I would love, love, LOVE if she won the Old Navy SuperModelquin contest.

So please vote for her at

Even though winning the SuperModelquin contest is a long shot, spending an hour or so at the Old Navy with my daughter (without her little brother) was a lot of fun.


(Except for the 50 bucks I spent on some spring clothes for her and her brother)

Vote now, vote often.

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